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Now that Florida has worked out a deal with the Seminole Tribe, Florida sports betting could be legal as soon as this summer. Even if the legislature doesn’t sign on to Governor DeSantis’ deal, sports betting still has enough momentum to remain on Florida’s horizon. So, Florida bettors need to start familiarizing themselves with the sportsbooks they’ll probably see. BetRivers has great odds on favorites, competitive futures odds, and a lucrative rewards program for high-rollers. Here’s everything all the new Florida bettors will need to know about BetRivers Florida. 

BetRivers Florida Promo Code For June 2024 

BetRivers offers a 100% deposit match up to $250. However, bettors will only be rewarded up to what they put into their first deposit. BetRivers has a whole tier system that determines how many bonus credits bettors get based on their first deposit. Terms and conditions apply. 

Claim $250 deposit match with BetRivers Promo Code: SHARP250

BetRivers Florida Promo CodeSHARP250
Deposit/Match Bonus100% Deposit Match up to $250
What States Allow BetRiversCO, IA, IL, IN, MI, PN, NJ, WV, VA
BetRivers’ Land-Based PartnerTBD
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How To Register For A BetRivers Account

Registering for a BetRivers sportsbook account is one of the easiest parts of sports betting. BetRivers will ask for bettors’ email and login information. However, bettors will also ask for the last four digits of bettors’ social security numbers. That lets sportsbooks check IDs to make sure they’re not giving money to money launderers. Bettors will set account security settings during the final step registration process. If bettors have a promo code, they’ll enter it during the registration process. Finally, bettors can make their first deposits and begin betting.  

BetRivers Florida: Bonus And Promotional Grade (4/5)

BetRivers offers a 100% deposit match up to $250. That means bettors will get $1 in site credits for every $1 they deposit in their accounts. However, the deposit bonus has a few steps. First, bettors must deposit $250 if they want $250 in bonus credits. The first deposit sets the number of site credits bettors can redeem from their bonus. After that, bettors have to start betting. For every $1 they wager, bettors will unlock $1 in site credits. That ensures bettors actually use their money to bet. 

BetRivers’ welcome bonus has a big strength. Its match rate is among the highest on the market. That makes getting the full value of this bonus possible even for low-dollar bettors. However, bettors will be able to find larger bonuses at most other sportsbooks. Deposit bonuses aren’t as easy to get the full value out of as bonus bets. Bonus bets offer bettors a lump sum of site credits (with conditions) while deposit bonuses get leaked out over time. BetRivers’ bonus is okay, but it doesn’t compete on its welcome bonus as other sportsbooks do. 

BetRivers: Odds Vs The Competition Grade (4/5)

The odds at BetRivers look pretty good. In fact, they’re often identical to DraftKings‘. So, BetRivers tends to have strong odds on the favorite to win and less competitive odds on underdogs. Here’s a sample of game lines: 


BetRivers has the best odds on the Hurricanes to win and ties with DraftKings point for point. However, BetRivers has some good futures odds too. BetRivers’ futures odds tend to outdo other major sportsbook brands in the +1,000-+2,500 range. Here’s a sample of NFL futures: 

BetRiversDraftKingsWilliam Hill PointsBet
GB Packers+1,100+1,100+1,100+1,000
BAL Ravens+1,300+1,300+1,400+1,600
LA Rams+1,400+1,400+1,400+1,400
BUF Bills+1,400+1,400+1,200+1,200
SF 49ers+1,600+1,600+1,500+1,500
CLE Browns+1,600+1,600+2,000+2,000
IND Colts+2,500+2,500+2,500+2,500

BetRivers (and DraftKings) have some of the best odds on the market on moderately risky futures bets. Bettors should keep this in mind if they wager at BetRivers. 

BetRivers Florida: Market Depth And Variety Grade (5/5)

BetRivers rivals DraftKings in terms of market variety. Bettors will find many sports at BetRivers. They’ll find the usual mainstream sports that bettors expect, like football, basketball, baseball, and soccer. However, they’ll also find sports that appeal to more niche interests, like snooker, darts, and handball. Within these sports, bettors will find many leagues to choose from too. Soccer offers a particularly wide range of leagues from across the world. But bettors will find similar varieties in the niche interest sports, too. 

BetRivers has one of the largest selections of sports to bet on. Naturally, the types of bets are as varied as the sports they’re on. So, bettors should expect to find what they’re looking for. This isn’t a small sportsbook brand that leaves bettors wanting. Its selection of sports, leagues, and bets is comprehensive. That’s a big plus for anyone who’s looking for new sports to bet on and new bet types to try. 

BetRivers: Deposit And Cashout Grade (5/5)

Like any good sportsbook brand, BetRivers makes putting money in and taking money out of its sportsbook easy. But like all sportsbooks, there are many more ways to deposit money than withdraw it. Here are BetRivers’ deposit options: 

  • Online Banking
  • VIP Preferred ACH
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • PayPal 
  • BetRivers Play+
  • Wire Transfer 
  • Pay with Cash through Vanilla
  • Pay with Cash through PayNearMe

There’s a payment option for everyone at BetRivers. Online banking options can be the easiest. However, that’s only if bettors’ banks allow transfers from gaming companies. Using an online wallet like PayPal may be the easier way to go. But for bettors who remain married to cash, there are options that allow cash deposits too. As for withdrawals, bettors have a more limited set of options: 

  • Online Banking
  • VIP Preferred ACH
  • PayPal 
  • BetRivers Play+

Every sportsbook offers fewer withdrawal options than deposit options. When bettors withdraw money, sportsbooks have to confirm that bettors are who they say they are. These withdrawal options allow BetRivers to that most efficiently. There’s no cash withdrawal option, but bettors dying for a cash option are best off using PayPal. It’s not cash, but it’s a separate wallet that keeps betting money separate from bank money. (That distinction is meaningful to some bettors.)

BetRivers Florida App: Mobile App Grade (4/5)

If bettors don’t want to be stuck at their computers, BetRivers has an app for bettors on the go. It has an iOS app and an Android app, so it’s available for most smartphones. However, the BetRivers Android app is only on the Google Play Store in Colorado, Iowa, Indiana, and Pennsylvania. Everywhere else, bettors will have to visit BetRivers’ website to download the Android app.  

Once bettors have the app, they can begin finding their way around. It’s a little difficult to navigate. Most sportsbook apps have a sidebar that’s easy to scroll through. So, if bettors want to find their desired sport, they have an alphabetical list at their disposal. However, BetRivers’ scroll bar is out of order at the top of the screen. Even worse, bettors have to squint at the symbols and the tiny acronyms below them to figure out which league is which. However, bettors can find the clean alphabetical section hidden in the menu in the top left corner. 

Overall, BetRivers has a good app. But lags from screen to screen and awkward navigational tics make this app weaker than comparable apps on the market. 

BetRivers: Overall Grade (4.4/5)

BetRivers has strong odds and a fantastic choice of sports, leagues, and bets. It also has an expansive set of deposit options, maximizing bettors’ flexibility in their financial choices. Even its limited withdrawal options are generous compared to many other sportsbooks. However, its app is clunky and awkward. It needs to be smoothed out to match the finesse of other popular sports betting apps. Overall, BetRivers is a strong contender in the sportsbook field. It just needs a little more finesse to rise to the top of the market. 

Is BetRivers Legit? 

Yes. BetRivers is an established sportsbook company that bettors can trust. Here are a few things that set BetRivers apart from its illegal and unregulated counterparts. 

Terms And Conditions 

The pages of terms and conditions that bettors never read are actually a big deal. That’s where BetRivers promises to award winnings to bettors who win. It’s also where it commits to locking bettors into the odds they select and pay out accordingly. Illegal sportsbooks have no need for such terms because there’s nothing to guarantee them. 

Rivers Casino 

The Rivers Casino is a large casino and resort brand that can’t afford to hurt its reputation with a shady sportsbook. Its experience in the gaming industry should encourage bettors too. This is a company that knows what it’s doing when it comes to sports betting. 

Responsible Gaming Resources

A couple of ways to recognize a legitimate sportsbook is the responsible gaming logo and phone number on its page. Unlicensed sportsbooks aren’t required to show this logo. But licensed sportsbooks are required to in every state they’re legal in. It’s an easy sign to catch if bettors are unsure about the website they’re on. 

State Licenses 

BetRivers gets a state license every time it expands into a new market. That state license’s requirements include submitting information about the founders and their financials. That ensures that sportsbooks with state licenses will be stable enough to remain in the market and serve bettors long-term.  

Young Industry 

The legal sports betting industry is young and therefore guarded cautiously. No one wants to be the first state with a sports betting or sports integrity scandal. So, licensed sportsbooks are among the most regulated products in the United States. Bettors should feel secure betting with them. 

Why Choose BetRivers Over Illegal Betting Sites? 

Betting at BetRivers instead of a seedy unlicensed betting site is a much safer choice for bettors to make. When bettors wager at a licensed sportsbook, they know that their state Gaming Commission is keeping that sportsbook in line. 

Think about an unlicensed and unregulated sportsbook. It doesn’t have to worry about whether it pays its bettors. It does if it wants to keep being used as a sportsbook. However, if it’s just a front for a shadier business, it doesn’t matter whether it keeps customers. Unregulated sportsbooks don’t have the same incentives to adhere to fair business practices that regulated sportsbooks do. Licensed sportsbooks only have access to their markets if they play by the rules. It’s much better for bettors to stick with sportsbooks that are forced into submission.

Think about the incentives that betting at an unlicensed sportsbook creates. That incentivizes shady entrepreneurs to circumvent state gambling laws. There’s already a version of it in unlicensed gambling machines. Companies will tweak their machines so they technically aren’t covered under a state’s gambling law. But in reality, these companies make modified gambling machines that count as gambling but aren’t regulated like legitimate gambling machines. This allows machines into the market that take advantage of bettors by offering unfair payouts that bettors can’t control or complain about. 

That’s not something we want to allow into the sports betting market. Bettors wouldn’t want to give part of their social security numbers to anyone suspicious. They certainly wouldn’t want to give their bank information to a company that couldn’t handle it. By starving unlicensed sportsbooks of business, bettors can limit the sports betting industry to only the safest sportsbooks instead of encouraging its worst possibilities.  

Why Can You Trust BetRivers With Your Money? 

Giving an app bank and social security information may seem daunting to some bettors, but sportsbooks are some of the most secure products we have. One of the reasons is the basic security that’s common to many apps and online services: encryption. Encryption disguises bettor data as a nonsense string of numbers and letters. That way, hackers can’t get into it. But sportsbooks often encrypt data end to end. That means bettor data is disguised while they’re typing it into BetRivers. Bettor data is secure from end to end, thwarting hackers who thought they’d broken the system.  

BetRivers’ track record should speak for itself. It followed the strict guidelines in each state that it’s been allowed to operate in. (Some states award so few licenses that even big brands can be iced out.) BetRivers had to send its operational data to state Gaming Commissions for review before being allowed to use it. BetRivers has kept its nose clean in every state that’s allowed it. That’s more than some illegal sports betting rings can say. 

BetRivers Fact Sheet
Legal Betting AgeMost Likely 21
BetRivers Legal StatesCO, IA, IL, IN, MI, PN, NJ, WV, VA
BetRivers Florida PartnerTBD
BetRivers Florida Launch DateTBD

BetRivers Florida – FAQs

Is It Legal To Bet On Sports Online At BetRivers In Florida? 

It will be. The current agreement with the Seminole Tribe would allow online sports betting in Florida. However, the Florida legislature has to agree to the agreement too. Once the Governor’s agreement is approved, Florida will have the legal ground to allow online sports betting. If it’s like other states, Florida will get most of its sports betting revenue from online sports betting. 

How Old Do Bettors Have To Be To Place Sports Bets In Florida?

21. Florida allows some betting at 18. For example, 18-year-olds can bet on pari-mutuel racing. However, horse racing and sports betting are in different leagues. Sports betting in other states with mixed gambling ages also save sports betting for the 21-year-olds. It’s likely because sports betting is so often part of casinos and other places with liquor licenses. Those are two reasons 18-year-olds always get iced out of sports betting. 

Does BetRivers Offer Live In-Game Betting?

Yes. Live betting has its own tab on the homepage on the website and the app. Online gambling revenue mostly comes from live betting. Live betting is an interactive experience that draws sports fans onto the sportsbook. It lets bettors get involved in the game in a new and exciting way. They’re also the first lines bettors will find when they open their sportsbooks, which makes them the easiest to find. 

Does BetRivers Offer Bets On Esports?

Yes. Esports isn’t always in season, so bettors sometimes won’t see esports listed on BetRivers. However, they are available on BetRivers when major esports leagues become available. Counterstrike and League of Legends are major events. If esports bettors find those coming up, then they should watch BetRivers to see when the lines pop up. It also depends on whether esports betting will be allowed under the final Florida sports betting bill. 

Do Bettors Have To Be In Florida To Bet At Florida Sportsbooks?

Yes. When sports betting comes to Florida, bettors will only be able to place wagers within Florida’s borders. Sportsbooks have to enter each state individually because most states still haven’t legalized sports betting yet. The legal states also regulate sports betting differently from their neighbors. To make that patchwork system work, state governments must only allow sports wagers from inside their states to go through. 

How Do Bettors Get Paid If They Win At BetRivers Florida?

When bettors win, they can go to their accounts and hit the ‘withdraw’ option. BetRivers has a cashier option in the top right corner of the screen that will list the withdrawal options available. However, new bettors need to know something important. They can withdraw winnings, but not bonus site credits. As a rule of thumb, only money that’s been wagered or won is fair game for withdrawals.

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